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Tout mon travail artistique, composé de peintures récentes, d’animations vidéo, de photographies, d’impressions au jet d’encre et de compositions musicales explorent la dichotomie, la polorisation et la perception de la réalité de notre societé. L’industrie médicale , la communauté scientifique, le VIH/SIDA et la religion sont mes sources d’inspiration.

L’Internet est devenue une source de renseignements précieuse et nous propulse dans un chaos de vues et d’opinions souvent contradictoires, quelques fois absurdes. Cependant, l’Internet devient un terrain de jeu ouvert à tous et permet d’élargir nos connaissances auparavant censurées par un certain contrôle des média de masse. Les théoriciens du complot; les negationnistes et les dissidents on desormais une plate-forme pour contester et remettre en question l’orthodoxie comme jamais fait auparavant.

J’utilise le sarcasme et la parodie dans mon travail pour émettre des déclarations à propos d’idées très controversées et en espère aider les gens à mieux comprendre et remettre en question les idées pré-etablies. Le statu quo ne fonctionne pas selon mon opinion et j’invite les internautes à examiner différents points vue.

Mes compositions de taches de peinture d’inspiration Rorschach et la série des Démons sont des explorations sur la perception et l’interprétation des formes et couleurs. C’est aussi une façon de montrer la dichotomie qui nous habite. Elles sont quelques fois contradictoires et souvent réflètent une façon de penser inculquée depuis la tendre enfance.

La controverse grandissante dans la communauté médicale et scientifique à propos du VIH/SIDA a eu un impact énorme sur mon travail de création. J’ai créé une série d’images et de courts vidéos basés sur l’exploration des débats des points de vue différents. Pour le moment, cette exploration en cours me fait pencher du coté des dissidents.
Entre la science et l’art, le dialogue et le libre échange des idées doit se poursuivre, peu importe la controverse ou le montant des capitaux investis dans la recherche. Il me semble évident que l’orthodoxie scientifique et médicale est devenue une religion. Quiconque la remet en question est accusé d’hérésie.

Je pense que les artistes se protègent derrière le bouclier de l’ego, et qu’avec l’âge, ils deviennent davantage eux-mêmes, ce qui permet une augmentation de leur confiance et de leur acceptation d’eux-mêmes et des autres. Dans mon cas, je trouve difficile de séparer le conflit interpersonnel de la friction créatrice qui fait partie du processus de création. La création est une lutte, qu’on soit seul ou en groupe; ce n’est pas toujours un succès. L’échec fait souvent partie du processus.

Toute action créatrice authentique vient du même endroit quelle que soit le médium ou la technique. Cet endroit peut être trouvé en chacun de nous si nous reconnaissons et nourrir notre enfant intérieur. Grande compétence, technique et talent meurent rapidement si l'esprit (l'enfant) n'est pas là. Picasso a dit: " Il m'a fallu quatre ans à peindre comme Raphaël, mais toute une vie pour peindre comme un enfant".

Nous n'aimons pas montrer nos faiblesses et nos incapacités parce que notre société est une jungle où les forts prient sur les faibles, physiquement et psychologiquement. Dans un meilleur monde les humains intelligents se rendre compte que la faiblesse et l'incapacité peut être vertueux, si l'acte créateur est sincère et authentique. Il y aura toujours ceux qui se tiennent sur leurs caisses à savon, désireux de juger et de proclamer leur vaste connaissance et supériorité, si vous souhaitez écouter.

Il suffit de regarder dans l'histoire pour savoir que de nombreux artistes, sinon tous, ont été mal compris. Je suis un créateur multidisciplinaire prolifique avec un tempérament et personnalité unique. L'enfant en moi est libre!

John Mingolla 2013


My recent paintings, video animation, photography, Ink jet printing and music explore the dichotomy, polarization and perception of reality in our society. The medical industrial complex, the scientific community, HIV/AIDS and religion are among my interests and sources of inspiration.

The internet has become a valuable source of information, and at the same time it throws us into a quagmire of conflicting views and nonsense. The playing field is being levelled exposing a wealth of information, most of which was hidden from the general public by the controlling mainstream media. Conspiracy theorists, denialists and dissidents now have a platform to challenge and question the orthodoxy like never before.

I use sarcasm and parody in my work to make statements on highly controversial issues in the hopes that people better understand and maybe rethink what is taken for granted. The status quo is not working so we must examine all points of view.

My Rorschach- inspired paint blot compositions and the Demons series are explorations of not only how we perceive and interpret shape and colour but a way of exposing the inherent dichotomy within us, sometimes reflective other times contradictory.

The growing controversy in the medical and scientific community over HIV/AIDS has had a huge impact on me and my work. I found myself creating a series of images and short videos based on the exploration of both sides of the debate. This exploration is on going, and I find myself leaning towards the dissident position. In science and art, dialogue and the free exchange of ideas must not be suppressed no matter how controversial or how much money is at stake. It is obvious that the scientific and medical orthodoxy have become a religion. Anyone who questions is branded a heretic.

I think artists protect themselves with a shield of ego and with age become themselves more and more, allowing a growth in confidence and acceptance of oneself and others. For me it is hard to separate the interpersonal conflict from the creative friction that is part of the creative process. It's a struggle to create whether you are alone or with a group -- it is not always successful. Failure is a frequent part of the process.

All authentic creative action comes from the same place regardless of the medium or technique. That place can be found in all of us if we recognize and nurture our inner child. Great technical skill and talent die quickly if the spirit (child) is not there. Picasso once said, "It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child".

We do not like to show our weaknesses and inabilities because our society is a jungle where the strong prey on the weak, physically and psychologically. In a better world intelligent humans realize that weakness and inability can be virtuous if the creative act is sincere and authentic. There will always be those who stand on their soapboxes eager to judge and proclaim their vast knowledge and superiority, should you wish to listen. One only needs to look back in history to know that many artists, if not all, were misunderstood. I am a prolific, multidisciplinary creative individual, with a unique style, personality and temperament. The child in me is free.

The pigeonholing of art mediums and the strive for single subject specialization was mainly caused by cultural and economic changes in Europe and the U.S. before the digital information age made it easier to study the close relationships all subjects have to each other. Multidisciplinary artists today are serving people and society in more natural, less restrictive ways. The outdated figure of speech "Jack of all trades, master of none," I believe, is quickly being replaced with "Jack of all trades master". The time has come to bring domains together into a new multidisciplinary specialization which better reflects society and the rapid access of information available on the Internet.

The notion of bringing mediums or disciplines together is not really new. Early in the 20th century Germany went through an art education reform that developed into an important cultural, social and industrial movement known as the Bauhaus school. By uniting and educating craftsmen, painters, sculptors, designers and architects the Bauhaus was able to produce sophisticated high-quality goods earning them international success. The Bauhaus Manifesto was: "There is no essential difference between the artist and the craftsman".

I was born, raised and educated in Montreal. After graduating in Fine Arts at Concordia University in 1982 I was determined, despite the obstacles, to pursue a career in contemporary art. Needless to say my early years were a big struggle, but I think I would not want it any other way. I did a lot of painting in those days which gave me a solid foundation and vision I still depend on today.

By 1988 I felt I was painting myself into a corner but because of my inventive multidisciplinary nature I began experimenting with photography and computer graphics which paved the way for my entry into the field of graphic design. The main focus for me in the 90’s was graphic design and other computer based projects but I still found time for sculpture, painting and music.

In 2002 I landed a teaching job at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts where I still work today.

I play guitar and sing parallel to my visual work. Sound and light go well together, they feed off each other. I feel more balanced today than ever. To use a quote from Yves Gaucher,”...we don’t really change we become ourselves more and more.”


John Mingolla 2013